Mission and Vision

The Alumni Factor has three primary goals:

  1. To give prospective students and their parents a more empowering, performance-based method of measuring and choosing colleges.
  2. To give colleges and universities an objective assessment of their performance, based on the actual results of and input from their own alumni, that can be compared to other relevant colleges and universities. This is often difficult for an individual school to achieve on its own, but is essential to its improvement.
  3. To give college alumni themselves a better perspective on the role their college played in their personal development and in the development of others, and how that compares to other colleges. This is interesting and entertaining for alumni, but it also helps improve colleges, since alumni are often active and influential voices as colleges set their improvement agendas.

The Alumni Factor Vision:

To become the most authoritative and trusted source of data and insights into the actual performance of colleges and universities.