Search FAQ

Which schools are included, or not, and why?

Our website includes data on over 1,500 four-year public and private colleges and universities, including the military academies.  Our ranking, for the time being, covers the Top 227 among these schools.  Over time we will add more and more of this type of school to our ranking.  If an accredited four-year college or university is not included in our ranking, it means we do not have sufficient survey responses from alumni of this institution to be statistically significant and confident in the data.

We do not include for-profit, online, or community colleges in this ranking because we feel that students considering these colleges are looking for different things from their education, and are likely to be comparing their options among those types of schools, as opposed to comparing them to more traditional four-year schools.

Why am I not getting any, or only a few, matches?

If your search is only turning up a limited number of suggested schools, it is because the criteria you have defined are resulting in a very restricted search and are limiting your options.  You can either go back and re-run your search, eliminating some of your criteria or decreasing the importance of certain factors.  

Where does the data on the colleges come from?

Basic facts, such as the incoming SAT scores of students or student body makeup, come from the NCES website, which is a publicly available database of information submitted to the federal government by individual colleges and universities.  Our survey data is proprietary and reflects the points of view of alumni of each college or university profiled.

Why are some colleges missing information?

If schools are missing information that we have chosen to include in our profiles, it is because they did not submit that data to NCES.  When this is the case you will see it denoted as “n/a” or “not reported.”

How do I save my college search preferences?

At the bottom of the Advanced Search Screen, you'll see a button that will allow you to save your search. 

How do I print my search results?

You cannot print your search results from our system; however you may always use the Print Screen capability within your browser.

 If I am a college representative, how do I update my college’s information?

Go to Contact Us to reach us via email, chat, or phone.