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Michigan dominates Ohio State on The Alumni Factor

Both teams are disappointed after Ohio State beat Michigan 26-21.

Ohio State is disappointed that a 12-0 season is going largely ignored because of sanctions.

Michigan is disappointed because pulling off an upset of Ohio State would have been a coup in an otherwise average season.

Both will just have to pin their hopes on next season. In the meantime, there’s always The Alumni Factor Bowl. If you pit Ohio State against Michigan, Michigan wins … and do we mean WIN!

Ranked No. 34 overall, Michigan trounces Ohio State, which is ranked No. 125.

Michigan’s strength in alumni opinion is extremely clear in Overall College Assessment, with Michigan ranked an impressive No. 14 to Ohio State’s No. 79. It’s an equally impressive showing for Michigan at Would Personally Choose Again, ranked No. 5 with Ohio State at No. 72.

The dominance continues in Overall Undergraduate Experience (with Michigan ranked No. 79 and Ohio State at No. 131) and Overall Financial Success (with Michigan ranked No. 41 and Ohio State at No. 109).

Michigan has plenty to be proud of despite an average season and a missed opportunity for an upset.

Ohio State has next year … maybe.

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